Why our winery partners recommend Napa Wine Lockers:

  • NWL provides wineries with a legal shipping destination for nonreciprocal
    state wine buyers
  • NWL is the most economical local wine storage option
  • NWL promotes local winery offerings through exclusive tasting events and
    client e-mail program
  • NWL provides a club-like atmosphere and fosters camaraderie amongst NWLers
  • NWL storage fee can pay for itself by consolidating and shipping wine less often
  • NWL picks up at local wineries at no charge
  • NWL maintains a detailed wine inventory for all non-local Vault clients
  • NWL will transfer wine from other local storage facilities to NWL at no cost
  • NWL features 24/7 security and environmental monitoring
  • NWL is temperature controlled at 55 - 57 degrees
  • NWL accepts wine deliveries
  • NWL facilitates shipping
  • NWL offers sophisticated, friendly, personal service
  • NWL is honest, trustworthy and accountable
  • NWL maintains a flawless record; no wine has ever been lost