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The Terrys Music

We are thrilled to feature the music of “The Terrys” on our web site. The Terrys consist of Jim Terry and his three sons, James, Clark and Graham. Along with their mother, Debbie, the Terrys are lifelong family friends of ours, and Jim is an attorney and partner with Chuck in Dickenson, Peatman and Fogarty. It has been a delight to watch the boys grow up and mature into incredible musicians, all the while under the patient tutelage of Jim and the unwavering support of Debbie. A special bonus for us has been the affect of the Terry boys’ talents on our sons, Adam and Kevin - each of whom have taken up the guitar and mandolin!

The Terrys’ compositions are all original, and feature the guitar, violin, banjo and mandolin. Their first CD, entitled Through it All, highlights the delicate, yet powerful, violin work suggestive of American fiddle, Scottish melodies and classical themes. This web site’s theme song, You The Man, composed by Clark Terry, will be included in their next CD, a work in progress. We invite you to visit their web site and listen to their music!  

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