By L. Cappiello

Napa Wine Lockers, established in 1998 by multi-generational Napans, Janine and Chuck Dickenson, welcomes collectors to experience the “Napa Wine Lockers Difference.”

Napa Wine Lockers serves collectors both locally and worldwide, as well as boutique wineries, home winemakers, and wine libraries. Napa Wine Lockers offers Private Lockers, Large Lot Storage, and The Vault for non-locals, who hail from the throughout the U.S., to Hong Kong and Australia. NWL picks up and receives their wine, and facilitates shipping.

“Good things come in small packages,” says the diminutive Janine, referring to her business. “Our size allows us to minimize security risks and overhead costs, and also provide personal service,” relates Janine, who is director and co-owner along with her husband, Chuck, a senior attorney with Dickenson, Peatman and Fogarty. “Our customers know and trust who is handling their wine– and that is invaluable,” adds Chuck.

Napa Wine Lockers is conveniently located in Napa, at 736 California Boulevard, just off Highway 29 from the First Street overpass. It is temperature controlled at 55 - 57° and features wine-friendly humidity. Access is easy and parking is ample.

NWL has facility-wide 24/7 security, movement detection, and temperature alarm systems, as well as automatic fire sprinklers. If indicated, the systems automatically alert the nearby Fire and Police stations, as well as our security company.

“We are especially proud of our perfect record– no wine has ever been reported missing while under our watch. Plus, our rates are the best around”, says manager Brett Cooper.

Approximately 70% of locker holders are directly involved in the wine industry. “They run the gamut from owners, CEO’s, wine makers and celebrity chefs, to so-called cellar rats and regular Joe Bleau’s– a testament to the value and quality of our service,” notes Janine.

Hours: Napa Wine Lockers is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Hours are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00- 1:00, Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 - 6:00, and Saturday from 9:30 – 12:00 noon. If necessary, appointments outside these regular hours can be accommodated.

Address: 736 California Blvd., Napa, CA 94559
Phone & Fax: 707-257-2903